I help individuals achieve their personal health goals through one-on-one counseling, and nutrition & herbal support. My goals with this work are to empower my clients to know what their bodies need, to stand up for those needs, and to create shifts that allow for a deep sense of well-being.

Through my own journey with chronic pain, i’ve experimented with a wide variety of healing strategies and learned from many talented practitioners that there is no one answer to healing our body/mind/spirit. Each one of us has a unique set of issues shaped by our experience on this earth, so each one of us will have a unique approach to caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

In our first session, we’ll talk in depth about your story using this INTAKE FORM as a guide. Together, we’ll come up with strategies to improve some of the basic things that can have an effect on our mental and physical health — sleep, stress, food and movement. Starting with small additive changes, we can work towards larger shifts over time.

Plants can be very helpful allies, understanding that we work with plants as a way to support the other work we’re doing to create positive shifts within ourselves and our communities. We use the language of “working with” plants rather than “using” plants to

specify that we are working in collaboration with the earth rather than coming from a place of entitlement, or a colonial approach of possessing, taking and using. My hope is that the healing we do on a personal level can spiral outward and contribute to the greater good, creating space for the much needed, fundamental changes to how we care for each other and the planet.

Alexandra completed her 3-year clinical training at the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in Brookline, MA.

She is currently accepting new clients. GET IN TOUCH to set up your initial consultation - meetings take place via zoom, and you will receive a link to the session the day before your scheduled appointment.

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