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Each project will receive a custom quote dependent upon complexity of project, length of engagement, and number of participants involved. 


I specialize in designing for print, and particularly in creating unique formats for marketing materials, packaging, and event design. With extensive experience in print production, I handle both the design and production, offering my clients a streamlined process to high-quality marketing products. 


Through collage and simple bookbinding techniques, I work with teams who want to invest in their employees by taking time away from the office to connect in creative practice. Making art together is a great way to level hierarchies, get out of a comfort zone, and make space for conversations and new ideas. Before teaching the workshop, I work with my clients to understand what their team needs. This could be a celebration, a break from the day-to-day office so teams can connect on a personal level, or even a time/space to work through difficult dynamics. I then tailor the workshop to those specific needs, which includes a personalized grounding meditation, facilitation of conversation, and of course, making something together.

If you'd like to design a workshop for your own team, let's chat.


I'm passionate about teaching folks simple and effective techniques to produce well-designed publications. I offer an introductory course that covers 3 basic bindings - a pamphlet, a coptic journal, and a sewn-over-tapes binding cased-in to a hard cover, as well as an advanced course that goes in depth with 2 more bindings, and single-day workshops that can vary in time / complexity. I also have experience teaching screen-printing, both the design and printing processes.

Regardless of the subject, I bring a practice of mindfulness, and a knowledge of materials and technique. For me, creating in the physical realm is as much (maybe even more) about the process as the final product. In a world where many of us spend time behind a computer screen, the act of re-connecting to the body through creative expression can be a powerful way to practice mindfulness, embodiment and being in the present moment.

I'm available for guest lectures, single-session workshops, and ongoing courses. 


I offer one-on-one support sessions to folks who are seeking guidance in their personal health journeys. My goal with this work is to empower individuals to know what's right for their bodies, and to share concrete tools, herbal and otherwise, to cope with physical and emotional challenges.

If you're looking for this kind of support, I'd love to hear more about what you're going through and help you take steps towards feeling better in your skin. Please get in touch via email with a short introduction about yourself and/or the issue you’d like support with. From there we can set up an in-person session.